Do you want proof of life

after death?

How my spirit guide gave me factual evidence of my previous life on earth.

In “Life After Death Beyond Doubt” truths are unveiled and scepticism shattered. Join the author on a gripping journey that transcends the boundaries of doubt and reveals the undeniable reality of life after death.

A True Story of Spiritual Discovery

There is one universal question to which there seems to be no definitive answer: what happens to us when we die? Many people have their own theories; different faiths have different beliefs. The rest of us can merely shrug and resign ourselves to the fact that we can never know the unknowable.

Just a few years ago, Susan would have felt the same way. But following a move to Spain, a sequence of astonishing events changed her life dramatically, turning her scepticism on its head, especially regarding the question of what happens to us when we die. Susan is now convinced that there is a life after death; this book reveals her personal experiences and shares the verifiable evidence of her discoveries.

In this profound story, Susan Starkey explains how she uncovered the roots of her past life, along with a vast family network that had been lost to her for centuries. She shares her ability to contact the Spirit World through a new-found ability to communicate through automatic writing.

Life After Death Beyond Doubt is a remarkable and insightful guide to the afterlife, one which will bring comfort to others who may be searching for the answers that Susan Starkey has been given. Her work may prove beyond doubt that there is an existence after death and that we never truly die.

Meet the author

Susan Starkey

At age 30, Susan enjoyed an idyllic life, happily married to a diplomat, travelling the world and exploring different cultures in Ethiopia, Ghana, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, and China. However, tragedy struck seven years later when her first husband passed away. Returning to the UK, she forged a new path in a London investment bank, earning a reputation as a tough negotiator and highly organized individual, seemingly in control of her life and destiny.

Then, two pivotal things happened which reshaped her life. Firstly, the 9/11 tragedy in New York which made her question what her own life was all about. She asked herself why she was working such long hours and for what. So secondly, Susan decided on a radical life change, relocating to Spain. None of her experiences up to that point had prepared her for the life-changing events that happened when she moved to Andalucía …

– Stuart “Thought-provoking”

“Susan’s journey is fact-based. There is no drama. Seeing her transformation from sceptic to believer is fascinating. Worth the read.”

– Cherry “Open a new window on life”

“This is a mind-blowing book, totally convincing you just cannot put it down.”

– Julie “Fantastic”

“Very happy with this book I read it in one evening as hard to put down.”


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Life After Death Beyond Doubt

In a world filled with countless stories of near-death experiences and encounters with spirits, Susan Starkey´s book, “Life After Death Beyond Doubt”, stands out as a unique and compelling account. This book describes Susan´s incredible journey of transformation, from a staunch sceptic to a firm believer in life after death.

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