Life After Death Beyond Doubt

Sep 3, 2023 | News | by: Susan


In a world filled with countless stories of near-death experiences and encounters with spirits, Susan Starkey´s book, “Life After Death Beyond Doubt”, stands out as a unique and compelling account. This book describes Susan´s incredible journey of transformation, from a staunch sceptic to a firm believer in life after death. Her experiences in a remote part of Spain led her to discover profound truths about the existence of the spirit world and the afterlife. This book is a beacon of hope for those seeking reassurance and comfort in the face of the unknown.

Embracing the unthinkable, Susan´s story begins with her upbringing, where she was taught to be sceptical about the possibility of life after death. Even as she dabbled in seances and Ouija boards during her younger days, she dismissed the experiences as mere tricks and entertainment. Life, for her, was a finite existence, until fate intervened, and life-changing events set her on a path she could never have imagined.

The tragic events of the bombing of the twin-towers in New York shook Susan´s perception of life and its meaning. The realization that she was caught in a relentless cycle of work and stress prompted her to make a bold decision – to leave her life in London and start anew in Spain. Little did she know that this move would unravel the mysteries of the universe and forever change her outlook on life and death.

Upon arriving in Andalucia, Susan´s life took a surprising turn. Through a newfound ability called “automatic writing”, she began communicating with her spirit guide, receiving messages and verifiable proof about her past lives on Earth. These encounters shattered her disbelief and opened her mind to the existence of an afterlife. The book delves into the messages Susan received and the profound insights they provided.

One of the most astonishing revelations Susan encountered was discovering a house in Andalucia that she had lived in during a previous life. Even more extraordinary was the fact that the current owners of the house turned out to be her long-lost family, her nearest neighbours. 

As Susan reflects on her extraordinary journey, she contemplates why she was chosen to receive these messages from the spirit world. She ponders whether her pragmatic and non-believing nature was precisely what the spirits needed to convince her and, through her book, to reach a wider audience with their message of hope and love.

Throughout her book, Susan´s experiences offer a sense of comfort and solace to readers who are grappling with questions about life after death. For those facing their mortality or dealing with the loss of loved ones, her story provides reassurances that existence continues beyond the grave and that we are cared for with love and kindness.

Susan Starkey´s “Life After Death Beyond Doubt” is a captivating account of an incredible journey that challenges scepticism and brings hope to the hearts of many.  It stands apart from the countless books on the subject to providing tangible evidence from the spirit world, compelling readers to consider the possibility of life after death. Whether you are a believer or sceptic, this book will undoubtedly leave you pondering the mysteries of the existence and power of the human spirit.

If you are seeking answers to the questions surrounding life after death or simply wish to embark on a journey of spiritual discovery, “Life After Death beyond Doubt” by Susan Starkey is a must-read.  Get ready to have your perceptions challenged and your heart opened to the infinite possibilities of the Universe.

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